To best enjoy the view of this graffiti artwork you must sit on the parkbench across it with time in your hands. It may not be a masterpiece but it offers the atmosphere of thoughts, ideas and time on one's own to reflect above the world.

Following the Pagan Spring festivities under the Acropolis

Losing my religion, Syntagma Sq


Embracing the city

Laughter Yoga teacher Eleni Skrekou and her sister Vassiliki have got together with friends and created a new movement in the Greek capital, offering free hugs to passers-by. Inspired by the free hugs movement worldwide they have no qualms to stand anywhere holding up a sign that announces their huggability. I made this video of Eleni in Thisseio's Apostolou Pavlou St and was impressed by the results. 

Athinas market gypsy band

At Athinas' Varvakeio market you can experience a whole universe of smells, sounds , tastes and sights. Shop for meat and fish, herbs, nuts, spices and delicacies and then cross over to find fruit and vegetables and a row of shops from eastern Europe. 

You will also see beggers and bands, black market cigarette sellers and a fascinating blend of the most distinguished with the most common.

Looking over the footage I took of this gypsy band at Athinas, I was inspired to use it as a video backdrop for my song 'When we two parted', which is based on the poem by Lord Byron.

Athens Big Band

I was working as a fixer with some journalists from the Danish state TV who were in Athens to report on the economic crisis. By 11am I was almost drowning in the drudgery and then as we turned the corner there they were: the Athens Big Band! My heart immediately recovered The band is under the auspices of the City of Athens and they perform around the city, filling the streets with bright, blaring sounds like jazz, swing and often witty cover versions of famous pop and rock hits too. 

They truly are one of the greatest joys of Athens living.